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Social Responsibilities

Being a part of the Egyptian industrial community, we in Art Ceramic feel a great responsibility towards the challenges that our country had been through.

As a result to the events that has been going in Egypt since Jan 25th 2011, the Egyptian Economy was the most effected sector and in response to the campaign launched by the TV talk show ( ALQAHERA ALYOUM ) inviting the Egyptian to buy only Egyptian goods on Friday 16th of December 2011 (buy Egyptian) in order to help revive the Egyptian manufacturing sector and as a small of a large to-come contribution in this noble campaign, we are printing -on our ceramic tiles- some of the logos that was designed by young Egyptians and was launched on the social web during the last few days then displaying these tiles every where we can, our showrooms, dealer’s and in the ICS exhibition taking place in convention hall this December the 17th in order to help spread a word about this great idea not only for this Friday but as a general way of life in Egypt.